Currently seeking recruiters for 

Fitness, Wellness, and Arts/Music Teachers  throughout SF Bay Area

$15/hr + Bonus for Recruiting Local Services

Get Paid for your Networking Skills

Brand Ambassadors at LocalMasters are enthusiastic about using their networking and marketing skills in sharing our mission of delivering innovative services in local areas. Being the Chieftains at LocalMasters, you will be responsible to approach Local Service providers and get them on board in your free time. LocalMasters will reward you with cash for every referral you recruit. 

An opportunity to Earn $50 Extra Bonus 

Show us your interest in working on the task with the number of hours needed and get $15 fixed hourly pay. $50 every time you get 2 Qualified Local Service Providers Signed Up. You can even win the opportunity to lead a team of your own Brand Ambassadors!

How it Works?

Depending on the Service needed, we will send you text alert with the type of Local Service Provider we require, whether it be a Fitness Experts, Yoga Trainers, Music Experts, Nutrition Counselors and Martial Arts Experts. You need to share us your interest and required working hours and we will approve your job and hours accordingly. You then need to approach interested Local Service Providers and get them onboard through your marketing skills.

Gain What?

This Flexible Brand Ambassador role is best fit for all professionals, Interns, Contract workers and college students, who want to utilize their free time and earn an additional hourly income while helping Local Service providers grow their business.  Working with LocalMasters marketing team will help you gain real-world marketing experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minimum 18 years of age 
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent 
  • Good Communication Skills 
  • Ready to work in Weekends 
  • Authorized to work in US
  • Ability to travel in local area
  • MUST be a Smartphone User 
  • Fixed Hourly Pay of $15 per hour 
  • $50 every time you get 2 Qualified Local Service Providers Signed Up 

You can apply in all the cities in San Francisco Bay Area and Colorado 

  • All College Students
  • Interns
  • Contract Workers
  • All Professionals