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LocalMasters is an employee success platform that offers an array of solutions. We provide an online coaching platform while also serving as a recruiting hub for organizations looking for extraordinary candidates. Working professionals can also join our communities that provide support within their industries.

Coaching & Leadership

Get guidance from industry professionals.

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Learn new skills at a fraction of the time.

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Work continuously with experts in your field.

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Offer new employee training courses and guidance.

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Hire the most qualified candidates trained to succeed.

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Power of Expertise

Our coaches are industry experts with years of experience in their field and a successful track record. Find out how we can train your employees to become more effective and learn to succeed.

Science of Learning

  • Check out our case studies on how working
    professionals overcame challenges in order to succeed
  • Learn how our unique style of learning has led to more success for employees
  • Our support system with our coaches & trusted
    advisors serve as tools in order to succeed
  • Community-based learning leads to more support
    and more success

Culture of Success

Our coaches and community members continue to push the boundaries to create an effective learning environment. We provide challenging courses and learning material to help improve employees' success rate in their profession. We also provide a direct communication platform so that employees can easily interact with the community.

Network of High

  • Get 1:1 coaching from a GM at LocalMasters
  • Work with our trusted advisors
  • Earn certificates
  • Learn new strategies and skills that can be applied in real situations

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